Sebring Front Wings

After  years of fitting, modifying, removing, leaving for a bit, then fitting, modifying and removing the fiberglass Sebring front wings, I gave up!.  I just was not happy with the fit.  So I bit the bullet and had a professional fabricator add steel Sebring flares to a standard set of wings.

The results are very impressive and despite the cost, I am very happy with the finish and superb quality of workmanship from John, Barry's spot-on fabricator guy.  The car came back in perfect condition without even any swarf or muck on my newly powder coated front suspension.

MGB Sebring V8 at rolling road

The car had to be delivered with the wings attached in order to use the car as a jig and stop the wings distorting  

The flares were fabricated in 3 parts and the joints lightly lead loaded.  The edges have been wire rolled, as I believe the original Sebring GTS alloy wings were.  Barry is holding my fiberglass front wings as a pattern, if anyone wants to go this route.

MGB Sebring arch wing fender 1MGB Sebring arch wing fender 2MGB Sebring arch wing fender 3

The above shows the flares in bare metal, with only a light lead-load on the joints. No filler here!

MGB Sebring arch wing fender 4MGB Sebring arch wing fender 5MGB Sebring arch wing fender 6

The above shows the under views of the flares, and illustrates the high quality and excellent finish of the joints. even where it does not show.

Overall I can highly recommend Barry Hodson Cars to anyone for any automotive work.  Having seen the other work they do, and their clean well laid out workshops.

Expect to pay around a £1000 a corner to have flares fitted and primered. The front alloy valance can be easily modified to match the front flares.

The rear flares may be a blend instead of having the seam along the middle. You would have to speak to Barry about that.

The last person to have a set fitted used the fiberglass rear valance which apparently blended in fine.

Anyone wishing to follow the same route can contact Barry Hodson @

Barry Hodson Cars

The Ferns, Main Street, Twford

Melton Mowbray, LE14 2HH, UK

0044 1664 840687


MGB Sebring mud guard 1MGB Sebring mud guard 1

The inner wings are protected by one-off alloy plate shields, based on the MG steel ones. Except a better fit! The seals have been upgraded to car door seals, off a ford I think.

The spoiler is allegedly a Le Mans style and is not the Sebring GTS type, which fits further forward and mounts flush with the front edge of the wings. They had brake duct holes, but no ducts and spot lights recessed into the spoiler itself. 

Lemans style soiler on Sebring MGB

Le Mans spoiler had to be remoulded at the ends with a negative bend to match the wings

 The original style spoilers are available in alloy from MG Motorsport, I may fit one of those at a later date.

MG Motorsport Link

Thanks to Adrian Salisbury for putting me in touch with Barry in the first place.