V8 Conversions Parts List

Below is our parts list specific to V8 conversions

We carry a comprehensive range of MGB mechanical parts and Rover V8 engine parts

We are pleased to quote for your specific requirements.

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Tel: 01689 858716

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Fan motor
Fan motor wiring socket & terminals
Fan blade
Complete fan motor bracket (left or right)
Fan guard
Pair radiator brackets
Pair radiator straps
Expansion tank (plastic)
Kenlowe thermostatic fan motor control
Early thermostat housing
Early housing gasket
Late thermostat housing
Late housing gasket
Top hose
Bottom hose
90 degree by pass hose
S bypass hose
Straight by pass hose
Long heater hose
Short heater hose
Fan belt
Fan belt (slightly shorter)
Water pump
Alloy water pump pulley
Temperature sender adaptor (for use with dual gauge)
Heater tap adaptor
Blanking plug for block drain tap
New alternator
Set 3 small terminals/insulators for alternator connections
Alternator cradle
Alternator tensioner


Set of mild steel tubular manifolds & join pipes
Set of stainless steel tubular manifolds & join pipes
Pair of RV8 stainless steel manifolds
Stainless steel single box competition exhaust
Set of 8 exhaust manifold gaskets
Set of competition exhaust manifold gaskets



Remote oil filter with filter
Bracket to mount remote oil filter (as per BL MGB GT V8)
Oil pump base
Pair of engine mounting brackets
Pair of engine mounting rubbers
Packing piece for engine mounting
Braided oil gauge pipe
Set of 3 rubber oil cooler pipes (chrome bumper B)
Set of 3 rubber oil cooler pipes (rubber bumper B)
Engine steady bar


Parts to utilise MGB 4 Synchro Gearbox

Adaptor plate with crank adaptor
3 piece clutch assembly
Extra for competition roller release bearing
V8 clutch slave cylinder


Parts to utilise 5 speed Rover SDI Gearbox

Crossmember turrets
Pair of gearbox mounting rubbers
Prop shaft (for use with standard 1800 tube axle)
Clutch slave cylinder flexi pipe
Speedo cable (early)
Speedo cable (late)
3 piece clutch kit (self centring)
Clutch release arm
Clutch slave cylinder
Manual speedo drive (Converts gearbox fitted with electrical transducer)

Induction System

Holley 390 cfm 4 barrel carb
Holley to inlet gasket
Offenhauser Dual port inlet manifold
14" Mr Gasket low rider cleaner
Replacement air filter for above
Mini air cleaner
Replacement air filter for above
Throttle cable and bracket
Solid choke cable


Parts for Chrome Bumper Models

Pair of chassis rail mounts


Brake Parts

Pair V8 brake disc
Pair brake hose to suit SDI calliper
4 special bolts for SDI calliper
V8 Brake pads
Pair rear wheel cylinders



Crown wheel & pinion for Salisbury/tube axle fits standard carrier (Ratio 3.07:1)



3/4" Front anti rollbar
Pair of poly bushes for 3/4" rollbar
Pair of relocators to move 3/4" roll bar forward by 5/8"
Set of 4 poly V8 suspension arm bushes
Anti tramp bars  (chrome bumper)