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MGB Sebring Rolling Road

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UPDATE:  05--5-2013   Car is now completely rebuilt.  Reconditioned gear box and AP Racing 30% upgraded clutch. Fit wideband lambda sensor. Correct 3.54 ratio rear LSD installed. This has corrected the speedo error and compensated for the large increase in gearing from fitting larger wheels. Uprated alloy radiator and uprated heater matrix fitted

UPDATE:  12-08-2012  Car featured in  Practical Classics photo shoot. Their technical editor drove the car and picked up a few points that needed addressing.  Steering bit sensitive I have increased castor,  which has also improved high speed stability. Slightly under damped. Having 20 position adjustable coil-overs this was and easy fix. Gearing very long due to increased rolling radius of larger wheels. Lower ratio diff sourced to be fitted at next rebuild. Steering kicking back at intermediate setting. Variable steering removed as increase in castor has removed the oversensitive steering. See images of magazine article below.

Practical Classics MGC GTS 1Practical Classics MGC GTS 2Practical Classics MGC GTS 3Practical Classics MGC GTS 4

Looking to upgrade the MG so it could really handle the power of the Rover V8. The Jaguar IRS  axle was selected for the rear and two years later it finally sat back on four wheels. At this point with different tracks and stud patterns on each end of the car, I decided to go the whole hog and fit the Jaguar front suspension as well. Since I liked the Sebring GTS's aggressive lines and large flares, using its extra width made the suspension conversion a lot easier. So the MGB slowly developed in to a bit of a mongrel, stealing all the best features of the MGB/C/GTS/V8 and the best British suspension from that era, the Jaguar Independent system.

The engine is a 4 litre Range Rover V8 with serpentine drive belt drive, direct ignition managed by a DTA system. 47mm trumpets, Siamese twin plenum, 285 piper cam shaft and extensively ported.

My vision of what the car will be has changed to a classic that rides and handles like a modern car, albeit at the expense of ultimate performance. IE Not too low, lots of sound proofing, powered steering, fully independent suspension, engine/ignition management, and replacing just about every component on the car with a modern equivalent.

Its an easy car to donut!

Email: info@mgbv8.co.uk